Starting your own business online

In my opinion you should do something your really nuts about, and good at. You should also have the enduring energy to pursue your online business. I started this blog/podcast with the desire to help the 50 plus crowd get online and pursue their dreams of independence. What works best for an online business? Just… Read More »

What are video | Monoblocks: All-in-one

TVs getting bigger. Very often models that run on different principles, it is almost impossible to distinguish from each other in appearance or size of the screen. Even the competition of technologies within a single brand has become a common phenomenon. Range of online stores is amazing abundance of flat panels, “pot-bellied” CRT devices and… Read More »

Remote Control & CableCARD: our tomorrow with cable TV

Imagine a modern TV without a remote control is not possible. And how it originated and developed? And what awaits us in the near future? A little about the appearance of the remote control (RC) we already told in the end of the article “A Brief History of Television.” However, it would be unfair to… Read More »

The sound of the modern TV

Viewing the same transmission, the same movie, you can get a charge of different emotions. With exactly the same image quality. Quality sound in a movie – it’s important. Sound quality when watching music program – that’s it! More recently, the sound for television and cinema had only secondary importance. Initially the “living pictures” is… Read More »

Picture-in-picture and other wonders

These features will surely be useful for those who are always striving to keep track of everything at once and receive information from different sources. Simultaneous control of several TV channels – today it is quite feasible. The emergence of multi-screen TVs was a logical consequence of the development of media electronics. The very principle… Read More »

And do we need a DisplayPort?

Have passed nearly three years, as was a new standard signal interface for digital displays, called DisplayPort, and a year later, in April 2007 approved the current version 1.1. It’s not a secret of the fact that analog standards are gradually giving way to digital. Cassette tape died long ago, and in their place came… Read More »

DVI and HDMI vs component video

Without a thoughtful study of the connectors and their specifications the owner of a modern digital TV can really go and hang that on all these numerous cables. It is still not clear to everyone that it is better – analog or digital connection? As you know, the European standards provide a clear definition of… Read More »

Making contacts

To obtain the maximum enjoyment from watching your favorite TV show is not enough to have a player of the last generation, and expensive satellite dish TV. Of great importance is the way in which everything is connected. It’s about the connectors Person handling the TV as a source of unconditional uniquely treats cruelly mistaken.… Read More »

TV with transparent screen?

Imagine. You are faced with a laptop. On the screen – the desktop Windows, icons, maybe even the wallpaper on your taste. And to see it all, we have to strain your eyes. Because the display itself … transparent! Rage demonstrated at CES 2010 in Las Vegas, the company Samsung. New laptop is quite capable… Read More »

3D-compatible TVs – first workable technology?

It is finished. Three-dimensional video starts march across the planet. The epoch of experimentation with technologies capable of providing three-dimensional image – already appeared 3D-compatible TV. They are becoming more – conveyors are not idle. On the contribution of James Cameron and “Avatar” in the development of three-dimensional video is unseemly to speak – this… Read More »