3D-compatible TVs – first workable technology?

By | September 6, 2016

It is finished. Three-dimensional video starts march across the planet. The epoch of experimentation with technologies capable of providing three-dimensional image – already appeared 3D-compatible TV. They are becoming more – conveyors are not idle.

On the contribution of James Cameron and “Avatar” in the development of three-dimensional video is unseemly to speak – this is not only the lazy blows.

Better recall Cameron 80-90-ies., His remarkable `Terminator` and `Titanic`. At that time, the spectacle, the quality of training material is simply mesmerizing. Appear then comparable with modern 3D-technology, steel tread Relentless `surround` Arnie already may have gathered a good billion dollars. Perhaps all is not lost, and the audience will be able to see your favorite heroes in quality 3D.

Who now offers 3D-compatible TV?

In fact, engaged in developing and producing almost every self-respecting industrial giant. Now on sale there are already from Samsung, Panasonic and Sony. Prepare your options and smaller companies.

Sony KDL-52LX900

Technology in-here come the mainstream and its development can not be stopped. Curious news – not so long ago its own version of 3D-camcorder introduced monster American MIC, the company Boeing, for which 3D and video in general is not a priority.

She released the camera for military purposes, which can be used in unmanned vehicles, etc. – ie, the technology has already been applied not only in entertainment, but in the military, in the future – and for domestic purposes, such as video surveillance systems.

What is a 3D-compatible TV to the latest generation?
– Firstly, a panel with a frequency sweep of at least 120 Hz. The image in this case demonstrates alternately – a separate picture for the left and separately – for the right eye, `60` Hz each (less is just too uncomfortable). This viewer provides a stereoscopic effect.

If there is any problem with the perception of 3D – it does not matter. As a rule, any panel of this type provides a demonstration and traditional, 2D-images.

– Secondly, it points. They are radically different from the options with colored glass, which sold almost 40-ies. the last century and are available in stores now.

New technologies provide new solutions. Modern glasses for 3D-TV or projector is an electronic system with two active shutter “ – for each lens. Electronics glasses synchronized with the hardware module and the TV automatically detects which eye at the moment is to see the image. The second lens becomes opaque “.

It is assumed that the system is safe for health. So or not, it turns out over time, the first to assess the advantages and disadvantages of 3D, as usual, will be able to pay the rich. However, they are not alone. Cheapest models from Samsung, for example, are within 2 – 3 thousand dollars (without glasses).

Of course, to see a separate pair of glasses for each viewer will need. Which creates some problems. Many manufacturers do not include the glasses with the TV – it’s clear why. Each pair is worth while about 150 dollars and have to buy them separately. Sony, for example, provides a `free` Points to customers flagship models. In any case, the family will have to buy another.

The main thing – the problem of compatibility. Each firm is committed to create a unique system. That is, the video glasses and one manufacturer is usually not compatible with other TVs points respectively. As a result, there are many `unique` (in a bad way) standards.

To solve this problem, some companies are trying to `side`. Thus, the company XpanD, renowned manufacturer of peripherals for the 3D-compatible electronics, recently introduced a model of glasses X103, automatically determining the source and signal format. Points can work with TVs from LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, etc.

Another, larger problem – a lack of quality 3D-content, in any case, mass: expensive films, video clips, etc. The emergence of new movies in 3D is expected soon. Same Samsung, for example, is working closely with the studio DreamWorks Animation – already appeared three-dimensional version of “Monsters vs. Aliens” is coming soon surround “Shrek”, etc.

As a rule, each manufacturer offers a TV and your 3D-compatible variants of Blu-ray players. Company Panasonic, for example, has gone even further – in the U.S. already sell complete kits Full HD 3D, including the panel to 50 “, glasses 3D Active Shutter Lens Eyewear and player BDT300. For all ask at least $ 3,000!

The main event of the year on the market 3D-compatible electronics is likely to be the emergence of new firmware for game console Sony PlayStation 3, enabling it to work with three-dimensional content. It probably will happen this summer. Given the number of owners of PS3 – you can expect the next revolution in the market

In any case, the appearance of three-dimensional television – a fait accompli. It is. And now will always be. Until then, until invent something more interesting.

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