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Remote Control & CableCARD: our tomorrow with cable TV

Imagine a modern TV without a remote control is not possible. And how it originated and developed? And what awaits us in the near future? A little about the appearance of the remote control (RC) we already told in the end of the article “A Brief History of Television.” However, it would be unfair to… Read More »

The sound of the modern TV

Viewing the same transmission, the same movie, you can get a charge of different emotions. With exactly the same image quality. Quality sound in a movie – it’s important. Sound quality when watching music program – that’s it! More recently, the sound for television and cinema had only secondary importance. Initially the “living pictures” is… Read More »

Picture-in-picture and other wonders

These features will surely be useful for those who are always striving to keep track of everything at once and receive information from different sources. Simultaneous control of several TV channels – today it is quite feasible. The emergence of multi-screen TVs was a logical consequence of the development of media electronics. The very principle… Read More »

And do we need a DisplayPort?

Have passed nearly three years, as was a new standard signal interface for digital displays, called DisplayPort, and a year later, in April 2007 approved the current version 1.1. It’s not a secret of the fact that analog standards are gradually giving way to digital. Cassette tape died long ago, and in their place came… Read More »

3D-compatible TVs – first workable technology?

It is finished. Three-dimensional video starts march across the planet. The epoch of experimentation with technologies capable of providing three-dimensional image – already appeared 3D-compatible TV. They are becoming more – conveyors are not idle. On the contribution of James Cameron and “Avatar” in the development of three-dimensional video is unseemly to speak – this… Read More »

LED-lights and its Types

When it was all invented and seems to add to your Favourite televizoinnyh technology has nothing more to producers remains nothing new, how to combine the old operating. The so-called LED TV – a new look at old solutions. What is LED-TV? Manufacturers in the mass dissemble, giving mysterious LED TV for quite trivial LCD,… Read More »