Starting your own business online

By | December 9, 2016

In my opinion you should do something your really nuts about, and good at. You should also have the enduring energy to pursue your online business.

I started this blog/podcast with the desire to help the 50 plus crowd get online and pursue their dreams of independence.

What works best for an online business? Just about anything your passionate about, or something you know quite a bit about.

Lets say for the last 30 years you’ve had a career as an electrician, so maybe you want to continue that concept but more as a informational service than a physical one.You might offer tutorials that speak to installing a kitchen fan.

Or how to install a garage door opener.

You could even have “call to action” button where you consult the home owner for a fee.

As I said up above whatever you do, whatever you want to put online just be sure your knowledgeable about it and most of all passionate. Some people who have worked all their lives in a given profession might not care to continue it online, and that’s OK, just choose something else that interests you and that you’ve been involved in.

I gauged my topic from what my customers were telling me. Two things I would often here, first was- boy you should write a book, and the second you should help people with their businesses.

And that’s what I’m doing! Just think about all the times you’ve been asked for advice or how to do something. Run it by your friends, ask them what they think about your idea but a word of caution be careful you’d be surprised by the number of people who aren’t crazy about you succeeding, so make sure you trust these people explicitly.

Starting your own business online

Let’s you were an Insurance representative for the last 25 years. And you sold all types of insurances home, auto, life and business insurance.

You want to define ONE that you are passionate and knowledgeable about and again you have the energy to pursue online.

Why one? As the saying goes “You can’t boil and Ocean” So if you pick life insurance than your going to be talking to people who need or want life insurance.

But now your job (since you know it very well) is to visualize who your target buyer is.

You’ll want to drill this down as tightly as possible.

What is the demographic of the person your speaking to is?

  • Male or Female
  • Age
  • Professional or Blue collar
  • Income level
  • Single or Married

Once you get this down and you know exactly who your target person is you’ll be able to write out your mission statement. Something that shows who your perfect client is.

It will also be easier to select a domain name, since you know who your target audience is it will help with keyword selection.

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