The sound of the modern TV

By | September 15, 2016

Viewing the same transmission, the same movie, you can get a charge of different emotions. With exactly the same image quality. Quality sound in a movie – it’s important. Sound quality when watching music program – that’s it!

More recently, the sound for television and cinema had only secondary importance. Initially the “living pictures” is generally used without sound.

Only sometimes the action on the screen accompanied by a silent film accompaniment on the set backstage piano. Of course, there was no special author’s ideas to create a movie without sound. Simply, in those days there was no suitable hardware.

With the advent of sound film and television situation has changed for the better. Sound quality speakers provide the first mass television was far from perfect, but quite happy with people who grew up on gramophones and radiograms.


Meanwhile, the entertainment industry and technology have evolved in parallel. For comfortable viewing of music programs require fundamentally new equipment.

In the USSR in the 60-ies. preparing a draft translation of television on the stereo. Unfortunately, the project remained project. Western business has made great strides. Television Stereo masse pleases Europe since the mid 80s. The twentieth century. Technology XXI-st let you watch TV shows and videos with multichannel sound, far superior “stereo” for the quality and realism.

Standards Supported TV:


TVs with one speaker, televisions with two speakers (sound is not divided into separate channels). This may also include a TV with so-called “pseudo” hardware sredstavmi create more or less authentic illusion of stereo.

TV monaural – usually inexpensive models, primarily – small boxes in which sound quality combined with a tiny screen is not quite appropriate. Monaural TVs are still eager purchased population with low and middle income countries.


StereoTV (TV with stereo sound) is gaining territory east of Germany. Users of some satellite and cable channels have long enjoyed all the benefits of a stereo. In Eastern Europe, has a plurality of channels broadcast in the “new” formats – distributed NICAM or popular German analogue A2. Not so long ago the standard NICAM reached Russia. With support for stereo broadcast Channel One, the Russian MTV, preparing the transition to “stereo” RTR. And, although still in a good half of Russian regions NICAM available gradually sought funds for the installation of the necessary equipment. Analog TVs that support NICAM-Stereo, not very much different in price from the other characteristics similar to mono counterparts.

However, all steroformaty – a temporary phenomenon. Soon TV with stereo sound support would be an anachronism. In Russia, the CIS and the EU are preparing a truly Napoleonic plans for the transition to a fully digital broadcasting – depending on the region – to 2010 – 2014 years. This, including means – multichannel digital audio. It is desirable that it supports your TV or, at least, the home theater receiver.

Multichannel sound

Some modern TVs, originally meant to work in a home theater system does not have speakers. Indeed, who will give away $ 2000 – 5000 + for digital flat panel display with a tiny two-column, when you can enjoy all the benefits of surround sound?

However, there may be acceptable universal options – TV with speakers and the ability to connect additional speakers (as in the kit, and purchased optional).

Most televisions are equipped with premium built-in decoders that support the multi-channel sound, often – several decoders (mainly obrazm – DTS and / or Dolby Digital, etc..). Such decoders support up to 8 channels, some in theory – to 12.

Availability decoder not only support high-quality sound of digital television in the future, but today allows you to watch DVD with support for multichannel audio, as well as, if necessary, to listen to music with DVD-player.

There is no doubt that the “figure” sooner or later replace all – and “mono” and “stereo”. Therefore, if you need a truly universal TV with a great resource ‘moral’ compliance with the new technologies, it is worth a good look at the digital model.

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