TV with transparent screen?

By | September 7, 2016

Imagine. You are faced with a laptop. On the screen – the desktop Windows, icons, maybe even the wallpaper on your taste. And to see it all, we have to strain your eyes. Because the display itself … transparent!

Rage demonstrated at CES 2010 in Las Vegas, the company Samsung. New laptop is quite capable to fulfill its basic functions. If not ultramodern technology to display data, it probably could be quite workable.

Do not think that Samsung – the pioneer in this field. On the creation of transparent displays, in addition to Samsung, in different years, fought (and probably still struggling) company Active Inc. (2007 version LCD), in September 2007 transparent electroluminescent display presented by Planar (transparency – up to 84%), Microsoft (tn. SecondLight, 2008), LG in late 2009 introduced the AMOLED-prototype (judging by the icon the demonstration display, it is also planned to be used with computers, transparency in working condition – 30%).

Same Planar, at least offer options rather “design”, allows you to create displays of different shapes for different devices, including anything to do with computers without.

As used transparent displays?

In November last year, started appearing application solutions. In particular, its development was presented by one of the industrial giants – the company Sony Ericsson. This phone Xperia X5 Pureness with a transparent display.

Laptop with a transparent display
However, marketing director, Kathy Davis (Caty Davis) at the time honestly said that this phone is unlikely to become a mass product and is designed mainly for niche customers. Still. Lacking fantastic functionality, it costs about $ 1,000!

However, back to Samsung and its laptop with a transparent OLED. As aptly put it on one of the sites, “this technology looks like a solution-seeking task.” Better not say.

Samsung can understand. If on the creation of dozens of competitors fighting technology, including renowned firms may ever really come up with the solution of the problem.

In fact, quite sensible ideas grain. Samsung itself is not strange considering laptops as a serious scope transparent displays. Just to demonstrate the new technology to the public much easier to mass device.

In the future, the company promises the emergence of relevant MP3-players, billboards, etc. Indeed, such an unusual technology, rather, will be used in advertising, in interior design, etc. areas.

Grim Post Scriptum

You can think of other options. When corporations finally destroy nature unnecessary experiments with OLED, good demand provided smart glass windows. For example, they can add in depressive poisoned landscape outside the window image of grass, trees and flowers.

Very promising look and windshields, which displays additional information that there was no place on the dashboard. Glasses – can also become a useful displays.

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