What are video | Monoblocks: All-in-one

By | September 22, 2016

TVs getting bigger. Very often models that run on different principles, it is almost impossible to distinguish from each other in appearance or size of the screen. Even the competition of technologies within a single brand has become a common phenomenon.


Range of online stores is amazing abundance of flat panels, “pot-bellied” CRT devices and smaller boxes projectors that on TV seems to be not at all similar. Nevertheless, in our time of rapid technological progress and they are such. TV today – is any product with the “electronic” filling, allowing you to watch movies and TV shows.


What are video | Monoblocks: All-in-one

Any most exotic goods can always find a buyer. Monoblocks as a variety of TVs, although they are not a mass product, but it is suitable for use in certain circumstances.


What is a candy bar? It is a hybrid TV and any device for playback / recording video, united in one body. In the modern monoblock uses a variety of television technology – from CRT to LCD and CRT even DLP-projectors. But, nevertheless, the basic idea of the device “all-in-one” – is compact. Creating a universal TV harvesters, manufacturers often sacrifice individual functions. Prices for these devices have affordable – from $ 200 and sometimes less.

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